Theo has been adopted by his foster family.

What a lucky boy he is.  Congrats to all.
This is what happens when I decide to give the dogs a bath.  It lasted less than 24hrs. At least he still smells nice.

"Look Mom, do you like my bur necklace?"
Hangin' with my pals.
"Did you say something?"

"Hurry up and take the picture. I can't hold my smile much longer."


Update on Theo

So I just wanted to give an update as to how Theo is.  He is WONDERFUL!!

  I did want to talk about his potty habits.  He is house a point.  He used to have accidents every once in a while.  Not really sure why.  Maybe because of his age.  I've had him since he was 4 months old.  I will try and pay more attention as to how long he can really hold it for those of you that don't have the luxury of working from home.  Here he goes out whenever he wants or whenever the pack hears or sees squirrels they want to chase.  

 He doesn't  go in a kennel except to eat.  He is great at this.  All we say is "kennel up" and he goes right in there and lays down.  Yes, he lays down to eat.  Probably because of all the twitching.  Maybe it's just easier for him that way.  He lays and waits very nicely.  Doesn't even bark.  

I will begin to put him in a kennel to see if he potty's in there when we leave.  I have a dog that can't seem to hold it more than 6 hours so we make arrangements with neighbors or Grandpa if we will be longer than that.  Otherwise we've been leaving him and our Weim out together.  They don't cause any damage when we are gone whereas the other one would.

Also if you plan on adopting this cute guy he'll need to sleep wherever you sleep.  He doesn't even mind the hard wood floor.  In fact he prefers it to his nice comfy bed.  He just wants to be close to his humans.  He enjoys following me around whether I am um using the facilities, showering, watching tv, or gardening outside.  He just enjoys company.
Here is TT, as I call him at the dog park in April.

Hartland Parade

Did you see Theo in the parade?  My son was walking him while I was handing out dog food.  Many people were concerned about Theo as they are not used to seeing a dog walk with a kind of limp.  It's actually a "tick" caused by neurological damage from a virus he had as a pup.  I didn't think twice about having him in the parade since he walks 5 miles everyday and still has energy to chase Kinsey, our Weim.  I was concerned with the heat though.  He hitched a ride mid parade and my other two bowed out early for some shade.

It was a great day and a great parade. 


Been a long time

Ok. I have to apologize that I haven't been keeping up on my blog.  Can I just tell you that I've been busy?  I started working full time in March so life just kinda changed.
 Let's move on to Theo/TT.   He's still such a great dog.  He either walks or goes to the dog park everyday, so he's used to lots of exercise.  He keeps up with my other dogs and loves to especially chase Kinsey.  She loves to be chased as no one can catch her because of her long doggy legs. 

Here are some special things about Theo you need to know about.
1. He has a constant tick/ head bob.  I honestly don't think he knows anything different as the tick began when he was about 3 months old.
2. He loves pears.  I know this because we have a pear tree and he will steal the pears off the ground and munch on them.
3. He has some um gas issues.  I think this could be controlled if he was switched to a grain-free diet.  I am planning on switching him soon to see if it will help.
4. He loves sticks but what dog doesn't?
5. For some odd reason, he does not like feet.  He doesn't appreciate being rubbed by a person's feet when he's laying down.  He especially doesn't like it if you try to move him with your feet.  Not sure why.  Probably because he's comfortable where he is even if he's right in the middle of everything and doesn't want to be moved.?.

That's pretty much it. He's a great dog and everyone he meets falls in love with him.  I've had many friends that have wanted to adopt him but the timing just isn't right or they have two dogs already.

There truly is "nothin' but a hound dog."

Thanks for thinking rescue!

Mrs. FF


Breakfast at Central Bark in Sussex

Theo and Badger had a great time at Central Bark on Saturday morning. All proceeds went to Fluffy Dog Rescue. There were lots of doggy's there to play with. The first picture is of Theo figuring out who the Viszula is. He was probably a little confused because it wasn't Copper, the Viszla from his pack. The next photo is of Theo and Badger playing with another fluffy dog, Patrick. They had a blast playing with him. I hope to go to another Saturday morning breakfast at Central Bark this coming Saturday. So, if you're interested in meeting Theo, come on over. He's such a sweetie and gets along well with others. We've been taking him to the dog park at least four times a week. He loves it. Oh, he's trained for the electric fence too. He's really enjoying the freedom and the new smells. Forever family, he'll be here having fun until you are ready for him. Honestly, I don't mind one bit.

Thanks for thinking rescue,
Mrs. FF


Theo is waving hi and telling me his tootsies are cold. He's still such a sweet, happy-go-lucky guy. Don't get me wrong, he's having a blast here at the Funny Farm but would love a family of his own to love and snuggle with.