Breakfast at Central Bark in Sussex

Theo and Badger had a great time at Central Bark on Saturday morning. All proceeds went to Fluffy Dog Rescue. There were lots of doggy's there to play with. The first picture is of Theo figuring out who the Viszula is. He was probably a little confused because it wasn't Copper, the Viszla from his pack. The next photo is of Theo and Badger playing with another fluffy dog, Patrick. They had a blast playing with him. I hope to go to another Saturday morning breakfast at Central Bark this coming Saturday. So, if you're interested in meeting Theo, come on over. He's such a sweetie and gets along well with others. We've been taking him to the dog park at least four times a week. He loves it. Oh, he's trained for the electric fence too. He's really enjoying the freedom and the new smells. Forever family, he'll be here having fun until you are ready for him. Honestly, I don't mind one bit.

Thanks for thinking rescue,
Mrs. FF

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