Been a long time

Ok. I have to apologize that I haven't been keeping up on my blog.  Can I just tell you that I've been busy?  I started working full time in March so life just kinda changed.
 Let's move on to Theo/TT.   He's still such a great dog.  He either walks or goes to the dog park everyday, so he's used to lots of exercise.  He keeps up with my other dogs and loves to especially chase Kinsey.  She loves to be chased as no one can catch her because of her long doggy legs. 

Here are some special things about Theo you need to know about.
1. He has a constant tick/ head bob.  I honestly don't think he knows anything different as the tick began when he was about 3 months old.
2. He loves pears.  I know this because we have a pear tree and he will steal the pears off the ground and munch on them.
3. He has some um gas issues.  I think this could be controlled if he was switched to a grain-free diet.  I am planning on switching him soon to see if it will help.
4. He loves sticks but what dog doesn't?
5. For some odd reason, he does not like feet.  He doesn't appreciate being rubbed by a person's feet when he's laying down.  He especially doesn't like it if you try to move him with your feet.  Not sure why.  Probably because he's comfortable where he is even if he's right in the middle of everything and doesn't want to be moved.?.

That's pretty much it. He's a great dog and everyone he meets falls in love with him.  I've had many friends that have wanted to adopt him but the timing just isn't right or they have two dogs already.

There truly is "nothin' but a hound dog."

Thanks for thinking rescue!

Mrs. FF

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